4 Hr Everything

I’ve been really interested in Timothy Ferriss. A lot of my daily struggles stem from organization, quick decision making, having a concrete plan, and lack of a morning ritual.

This is may become an obsession. Oh well


Pardon the Word Vomit

I’ve been struggling to make the time to keep up on this. It’s not been as simple as I would have thought. Being self-employed truthfully sucks sometimes. The constant go go go nonsense gets old. On top of having a hard time finding a moment to sit and reflect, then I find another problem.

What is bothering me the most about the world?

I can tell you with certainty, we are looking at Donald Trump as our next POTUS. Fuck me. I had written a draft of a blog after the tragedy in Paris. It became irrelevant days later when morons in this country continued saying stupid things, doing stupid things, and defending stupid things.

I’m tired. I’m tired of reading the news and feeling nothing but the compulsion to sell it all and move away. No clue where. Away would be a good start. Being anything but negative about the world is becoming increasingly hard. I’m pretty excited about an upcoming vacation with my wife. Beyond that, who knows what sort of nonsense do we have to look forward to? It sickens me that our two best options for POTUS are a fascist and a socialist. I’ve tried to engage people about Sanders’ policies and how ludicrous his ideas are. I get no substance in his defense. America is broken. I’m not sure what can. be done to fix it


So, really, I need to know….what the fuck is up with guys whizzing at a urinal, flushing mid-stream, continuing to piss and refill the urinal bowl with kidney aged liquid, and step back feeling accomplished?


I don’t really have time to dive into an intense analysis of the US involvement in Syria, however I just wanted to explore the topic of how everyone can be wrong. Putin is using Russian forces to combat ISIS rebels, allegedly. Most of us feel that statement is not worth the paper it was printed on. They’re up to something, but so are we. Stirring the pot overseas under some guise of “better there than here.” Yet, we are rewinding thirty some years and it was called Nicaragua. We have put ourselves in a situation of potential direct contact with Russian forces, and not on the same side.
imageI watch FX’s show, the Americans, with a subtle obsession. The show is from the perspective of Russian KGB agents under deep cover in the Washington DC area. Their observations of American activities are from a real negative view, as you would expect. What is beautiful about the show is how it can challenge the view that America won the Cold War based on some sort of moral superiority. That just will not fly with me. We merely outlasted them. My limp support of the US should not be misconstrued as support for the former USSR. We had a hand in a lot more dirty dealings than most of your neighbors would like to admit.

Such blind support is dangerous. Nationalism gifted the world with evil such as Stalin and Hitler. I refuse to participate in nationalist symbols such as the Pledge and the National Anthem. A group of simple-minded Texans took issue with that while attending a music festival. I would not remove my hat while the Star Spangled Banner was played. Texas’ finest representatives thought it appropriate to begin shoving me and cursing at me given my refusal to participate in their charade. This sort of behavior is dangerous and is the attitude that has perpetuated an unsustainable foreign policy of constant intervention. Why? Because America, that’s why. It is a 3rd grade argument of “yea-huh” and “nuh-uh”

The point is, we lack the righteousness so many embrace. So why do we still operate under the counterfeit banner of the good guys? ┬áThe good guys wouldn’t be poking the bear.

The Intro

Greetings, from lovely North Idaho. You may be wondering about the name on this blog, Ichabod Minor. Ichabod was a farmer and soldier in colonial America. My maternal grandfather, and late grandmother, were very active in genealogy and found this name in their research on our family’s story on this continent. I will do a more in-depth post on him when I have some more time for proper research. The name is hard to forget though, eh?

Anyhow, what’s the purpose of this blog? I have a lot to say I suppose, and maybe I shouldn’t whine about the world to my wife all the time and inundate her with why I think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Maybe I should enjoy my time with her, since well, I don’t know, she’s pretty cool and stuff. Not that we can’t talk about important issues, but I’m a monster of a pessimist that has a problem thinking I’m a realist. So I get it, I can be a drone. Why not drone on the Internet?

I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. You will see posts about anything from a meal I made, to an essay on wildland fire policy, or even about what the local city council screwed up this time. Things should get pretty interesting, after all, entropy is real.

Stay tuned folks, we’re gonna keep it real, and sometimes fun, but never real fun.